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Rip Rap is rock of various sizes that is placed on shorelines, or at the base of seawalls. It's purpose is to absorb and dampen the impact energy of waves before they reach the seawall, reduce rebound waves toward your dock, provide bank stabilization, and lessen shoreline erosion. This keeps the stability of seawalls intact and protects your investment.

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There are many reasons to choose Rock Works as your full-service rip rap contractor! Since 2005, our company has been an industry leader in the lake area. Rock Works is here to take care of all your shoreline needs!

Rip rap is a permanent solution to your quickly eroding shoreline. It's made up of stone varying in size and is placed on shorelines or in front of seawalls that are taking damage from increased wave action.

When rip rap is installed, it provides more strength and the proper bracing and support that your shoreline needs. Not only does installing rip rap add stability, but it will also help make your shoreline last much longer. Rip rap also helps improve the water around your shoreline and completely gets rid of any type of soil erosion. Call Rock Works and have it done right the first time!

If you need top-quality rip rap on your shoreline, or in front of your seawall, Rock Works has what you are looking for!

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Rip Rap

Rip rap works by asorbing incoming waves, keeping the dirt at the bottom of your seawall instead of washing out. Installing rip rap can help your home to appreciate instead of depreciating due to an eroding shoreline.



A seawall (or sea wall) effectively raises the height that water can reach without eroding the shoreline. By adding a protective barrier between the soil and the water, you help ensure ample erosion control.


Aggregate Materials

Although we specialize in rip rap, we also sell other aggregate materials. From coarse aggregates like uncrushed, crushed, or partially crushed stone, all the way to fine aggregates like concrete or masonry sand!


Barge Service

Rock Works offers a universal barge service. Whether you are looking to transport equipment, haul material, or if you are looking to have a party on the barge, we do it all!


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