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Rock Works is your go-to shoreline erosion specialist at the Lake of the Ozarks. With over 15 years in the industry, we treat your shoreline like it's our own! We are the leading seawall experts in the lake area, from seawall repairs to a completely renovated shoreline.

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Seawall Repairs & Construction

Seawalls are one of the most crucial aspects of waterfront property. Your seawall must withstand even the roughest conditions on the lake. Cracking, bowing, or erosion of the ground behind the wall can be a sign of a failing seawall. Severe impacts from violent storms, high groundwater levels, and marine borers are just a few hazards to consider when evaluating your wall!

Rock Works has installed and repaired seawalls for over 15 years, and our seawalls will adequately protect your property for years to come. We offer a few different options to suit various shoreline situations. Our capable team will first inspect your property and then discuss with you which options might be best.

Seawalls can prevent the gradual loss of land and a much more stable shoreline. Wave action in large bodies of water continually pushes up against the shoreline. As a result, the shoreline gradually erodes and gets pulled out into the water. Little by little, you will lose more property to the lake year after year with no protection. Over time, the land area shrinks, which can be devastating for property owners.

Rock Works uses the most durable concrete materials for our seawalls. We design all of our walls based off of your needs.

Guidelines For the Replacement of Existing Seawalls

  1. Existing walls should be stabilized with rip rap or a new concrete footing whenever possible.
  2. Suppose the seawall cannot be stabilized and is located above the elevation of 658.5'. In that case, a new wall can be constructed against the existing wall.
  3. Suppose the existing wall cannot be stabilized and is located below the elevation of 658.5'. In that case, the existing seawall must be removed and brought back to a higher elevation.

NOTE: If the construction of your seawall requires excavation below the waterline, construction cannot occur from March 15 to June 15 due to higher water levels.

Source: Ameren Missouri

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  • We show up when we say we are going to be there.
  • We provide professional service from start to finish.
  • With 15+ years in the industry, we focus on the quality of our services.
  • Our team is passionate about bringing up the rip rap industry standard.
  • We provide emergency services to help prevent further damage.
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Our Services

Rip Rap

Rip rap works by asorbing incoming waves, keeping the dirt at the bottom of your seawall instead of washing out. Installing rip rap can help your home to appreciate instead of depreciating due to an eroding shoreline.



A seawall (or sea wall) effectively raises the height that water can reach without eroding the shoreline. By adding a protective barrier between the soil and the water, you help ensure ample erosion control.


Aggregate Materials

Although we specialize in rip rap, we also sell other aggregate materials. From coarse aggregates like uncrushed, crushed, or partially crushed stone, all the way to fine aggregates like concrete or masonry sand!


Barge Service

Rock Works offers a universal barge service. Whether you are looking to transport equipment, haul material, or if you are looking to have a party on the barge, we do it all!


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